What we do

We provide help and advice in various working groups with a wide range of activities.

Learning the German Language

The key to integration into our society is the German language, without which there is no hope of integrating into our life.

Café International

Central function of our activities since March 2015 is to provide a weekly meeting place for all refugees, in the “Café International” in the Catholic Youth Centre Live, opposite to the Church of St. Martin – in the Centre of Rheinbach, from 10.30 to 12.30 every Monday. Here a group of helpers provide support and advice, whether social, legal, financial or personal. Citizens of Rheinbach are also welcome.

An important function is also to provide special support for families with children, to help children to enter the schools and to feel as much “at home” as possible. Up to now we have made great progress, but with almost 600 refugees there is still much to do!

Accompanying refugees to the town administration, schools and other offices

  • For all sorts of offices and other contact points, language and social support is important
  • Contacts to schools, playgroups, sports clubs and doctors play an important role
  • To provide support in translating personal and legal documents.

To Provide orientation in a strange environment

  •  Where do I find the important places in the town? Instructions and maps are available, which can also be provided in various languages.
  •  Explaining the various transport systems.
  •  Transport support for furniture, bicycles, etc.

Support with Health Problems

  • Arranging visits and perhaps accompanying to doctors and hospitals. Emergency transport and services are also known to the helpers, even some doctors help spontaneously.

Sport and Leisure

  • The Helpers Organization has good contacts to the various sports clubs, and refugees are generally welcome, particularly when they have previous knowledge of the sport. Insurance and membership fees are provided by the clubs.
  • In the school holidays and at some weekends expeditions, camps and cultural and information visits are arranged.
  • In Rheinbach there are sport facilities as the Swimming bath, the “Freizeitpark” and various ramblers clubs and organizations.


  • Neue Pfade has opened a bicycle workshop for refugees. It also provides information concerning “the rules of the road”, particularly for parents with children.
  •  The family centre “Hopsala” offers a Mother-Café every Monday. Helpers accompany the mothers at first and help looking after the children.
  •  Monday afternoons (3:00 – 4:00pm) a handwork hour takes place in Live.
  •  Fridays 4:00 – 7:00pm is for younger (teenage) refugees in Live.
  •  Single male refugees meet every second Saturday in the month (4:00 – 7:00pm) in the Evangelical Youth Centre (JuZe).
  •  A family café is offered in GästeZimmer.
  •  We have helpers for the translation and evaluation of documents concerning education, examination results, job training and courses. We can also give advice concerning apprenticeships and career possibilities.

Connections to Schools and Universitäten

  •  Young German adults are particularly welcome, to support the refugees and caring for children –  giving advice out of their own experiences in schools, universities and other educational or professional branches.
  •  On Tuesdays in Live young people help refugees with their homework, particularly with learning German.